Empowering Resources

Success in this realm demands a visionary perspective and a keen ability to discern opportunities in every detail.


Innovative Construction

EKOINVEST, a dynamic medium-sized construction firm with around 40 dedicated professionals, stands out for its extensive in-house team of skilled workers. This commitment ensures the delivery of high-quality work, consistently meeting project deadlines.


Efficient Care & Projects

Amidst our grand, ground-up projects, we also specialize in tailoring our expertise to small to modest projects, offering bespoke solutions for all our clients.


Sustainable Excellence

At EKOINVEST, our commitment to green building mirrors the essence of our entire business philosophy.


Crafting Visions

EKOINVEST Industry Services blends seasoned experience with expert proficiency, ensuring the seamless accomplishment of your project through the highly effective design-build approach.
  • Discover Our Essence

    EKOINVEST is your haven, where a rich blend of cultures intertwines, fostering teamwork and goodwill among our vibrant and diverse workforce.

  • Noble Mission

    Committed to exceeding expectations, we enhance processes and deliver innovative hardware and software solutions, upholding international standards for the manufacturing industry through continuous skill and technology advancements.

  • Exemplary Craftsmanship

    We epitomize professionalism, ensuring every project is crafted with precision using top-notch materials, accompanied by unwavering support and accessibility for our clients.



EKOINVEST stands as a cornerstone in Kosovo's energy and engineering sectors, renowned for its commitment to delivering quality products and services. With a reputation built on fair pricing and efficient services, we continue to explore new horizons in diverse fields.

Our Industries

At the heart of economic vitality, industrial production stands as a pivotal measure, reflecting the robust output of our industrial sector.

We will Make Your Dream Come True

We are empowered by passion and enthusiasm that delivers the best possible project results.

Why Opt for Our Services?

At EKOINVEST, our triumph is rooted in the enduring principles of honesty, discipline, and hard work—an unwavering commitment to timeless values since our company's inception.Engineering forms our bedrock, supported by our team's extensive industrial expertise. Embracing the diversity in companies and applications, we view it as an advantage, affording us the opportunity to collaborate with a myriad of manufacturers, each with unique standards for control systems.

Kosovo's Leading Industry

12Years of Experience

  • Home to the industry's best talent.

  • Among the most seasoned firms.

  • Successfully delivered 60+ projects.

  • Dedicated, Passionate Team Excellence.

  • Boasting a team of 40+ professionals.

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At EKOINVEST, our foundation is built on honesty, discipline, and unwavering hard work—timeless values that define our success since inception.In our latest projects, engineering stands as the bedrock of EKOINVEST, supported by our team's vast industrial expertise. Embracing the diversity in companies and applications, we consider it an advantage. This diversity allows us to work with and implement a myriad of control systems tailored to the unique standards of each manufacturer.

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