Traffic Engineering

We represent a select group of manufacturers, well-equipped and qualified to handle projects of various scales. Our success is attributed to the ability to integrate systems and deliver customized solutions. Specializing in signal installations, intersection design, signal analysis, and complete urban traffic control systems, EKOINVEST brings extensive traffic engineering experience for turn-key solutions. Utilizing advanced traffic signal controllers, we configure intersections with either actuated or adaptive operation. Through loop detectors or video detection systems, we optimize traffic signal operation for safe and efficient traffic flow.

EKOINVEST has profound expertise in various traffic detection technologies and their applications in traffic monitoring, surveillance, and law enforcement.

To enhance safety, and efficiency, and minimize travel times, fuel consumption, and carbon footprint in traffic and transport systems, EKOINVEST seamlessly integrates information and communication technologies into a unified Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

With unparalleled expertise in data collection for Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering, we possess extensive experience in planning and conducting surveys of varying magnitudes and changing priorities. Our technical resources are well-equipped to address any scale of traffic survey projects.

Unveiling Service Features

  • Traffic Management

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Parking Management

  • Road Safety Solutions

  • Traffic Signal

  • Line Markings

Our Methodology

Shared Principles, Exceptional Results

Upholding quality craftsmanship, delivering exemplary client service, engaging individuals of exceptional integrity and skill, and fostering a secure work environment for our valued team and subcontractors.

Deep-rooted Work Ethic

Since inception, honesty, clear vision, hard work, and imagination have fueled our steady and diversified growth.

Cultivating Trust

Our culture, centered on trust, has forged a team passionate about their work, resulting in the excellence we take pride in.

Empowered by Passion

Infused with passion and enthusiasm, EKOINVEST consistently delivers optimal project results.

Other Services

  • Mechanical Engineering

    We offer comprehensive structural and mechanical engineering expertise tailored to Power Plants. Our seasoned team of engineers ensures professional, reliable, and accountable support.  Our collaboration with EKOINVEST elevates both products

  • Electrical Engineering

    We offer comprehensive electrical engineering services encompassing power generation, transmission, and distribution. Our expertise spans power plant inspection, system design, upgrades, expansions, analysis, testing, equipment specifications, and vendor consultation.Experience tailored