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Your Choice, Our Commitment

Experience the seamless integration of design and construction. Choose us for a journey from initial sketches to the masterpiece of final construction.

EKOINVEST: A privately owned, globally oriented engineering enterprise, offering world-class capabilities across the client value chain. Our integrated business model provides comprehensive solutions in engineering, construction, and asset management for esteemed public and private organizations worldwide.

Achieving Excellence

EKOINVEST is dedicated to fostering a culture of Excellence Plus performance. Globally, we pursue ambitious targets, guided by the pillars of Client Focus, Innovation, Responsible Behavior, and People Development. Our vision is to be the preferred choice for all stakeholders, challenging industry norms and competing on par with global leaders.

A Glimpse Into Our World

Building Legacies, Creating Bonds

For over 12 years, the EKOINVEST family has woven lasting relationships and projects. We construct safe and eco-friendly spaces, leaving a positive impact on the communities we touch. Beyond structures, we forge enduring connections that empower us to build anything, anywhere. No job is too big; we transcend mere construction.

Kosovo's Leading Industry

12years of experience

Dedicated to You

Guided by an unwavering commitment, we immerse ourselves in comprehending client needs and delivering on promises, irrespective of project scale or complexity. Through collaborative efforts, we tailor teams and solutions from concept to completion, deploying optimal expertise and resources to achieve excellence in time, cost, quality, safety, and sustainability outcomes.

Ethical Commitment

We embrace our responsibility with utmost seriousness, proactively managing the impact of our activities on the environment, our people, and our communities. Guided by our founding principles and a rigorous Global Code of Conduct, safety stands as our core organizational value. We strive to eliminate accidents, championing change in the industry through modernizing construction methods for a reduced environmental footprint.