EKOINVEST & FAM, representing the state-owned power plant and opencast mining operator KEK (Kosovo Energy Corporation J.S.C.), delivered a turnkey TR 350 transport crawler with a 350-ton payload. KEK is dedicated to optimizing overburden removal and coal extraction processes to secure an annual supply of up to 7 million tons of solid fuel for power generation.

In the energy sector, Kosovo relies on lignite for 96% of its energy needs, necessitating opencast mining. The lignite deposits in Kosovo are geologically proven to be among the largest in Europe and the fifth largest globally. The substantial layers of lignite, with thicknesses ranging from 50 to 60 meters, present highly favorable almost 1:1 overburden to coal ratios, ensuring the economic viability of open-pit mining.

The power plants “Kosova A” and “Kosova B” near the capital city of Pristina are fueled by lignite sourced from mines. The FAM & EKOINVEST transport crawler is employed to relocate field conveying systems, ensuring seamless mining operations progression.

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  • Client

    Kosovo Energy Corporation J.S.C
  • Partner

    Magdeburger Förderanlagen und Baumaschinen (FAM) GmbH
  • Location

    Departamenti i Qymyrit, Obilic