Scope of Work:

  • Collaborating closely with our partner, we meticulously crafted the technical offer for the replacement of the electromagnetic separator. This comprehensive document included detailed working specifications and precise physical dimensioning for the EM separator. Calculations took into account all limitations imposed by the existing location, ensuring a well-considered and tailored solution.
  • The scope of works encompassed the meticulous removal of the old electromagnetic separator situated on the second floor of the separator building. The new separator, manufactured by WAMAG spol. S.R.O in the Czech Republic, presented a unique challenge as it had to be precisely winched up 20 meters and seamlessly positioned in the same location as the old unit.
  • The delivery of the separator was executed punctually, aligning with the dynamic plan presented to KEK. The electromagnetic separator, along with the accompanying belt and control unit, was delivered seamlessly as part of the planned schedule.
  • EKOINVEST engineers skillfully managed the installation process of the electromagnetic separator. This encompassed placing the separator in the designated location, ensuring precise alignment, installing all instrumentation and control (I&C) equipment, and successfully initiating the startup procedures.