The commissioning of the project was carried out in collaboration with Kosovo Energy Corporation J.S.C. EKOINVEST, in consortium with our esteemed partners Vitkovice Power Engineering S.A., who relied on their specialization and extensive experience to successfully execute the project.

Scope of Work:

Collaborating with our partner to develop a detailed technical offer and define the specific requirements for the upcoming project works. This joint effort ensures a thorough understanding of the project scope and sets the foundation for a successful and well-executed endeavor.

  • The project involved the cutting and removal of boiler pipes situated in the boiler economizer at a height of 70 meters. This task likely required specialized equipment, expertise, and safety measures to ensure the efficient and secure execution of the work
  • Part of the welding process involved the use of automated pipe welding machines, specifically orbital welding machines. This advanced technology allows for precise and consistent welds, contributing to the overall efficiency and quality of the welding work. Automated welding machines are often employed in projects that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability
  • The welding process utilized argon and was conducted by certified in-house welders, ensuring a high standard of quality and safety. Remarkably, a total of 8046 pipes were successfully replaced, showcasing the scale and complexity of the project. The use of certified welders and argon in the welding process emphasizes the commitment to precision and adherence to industry standards
  • After the replacement of the pipes, thorough testing under pressure was conducted to ensure the integrity and reliability of the newly installed components. This critical phase of the project helps identify and address any potential leaks or weaknesses in the system, confirming that the boiler economizer operates safely and efficiently. Testing under pressure is a standard practice in quality assurance for such industrial projects
  • Following the successful completion of the replacement and testing under pressure, the commissioning of works was carried out. This phase involves putting the newly installed components into full operation, ensuring that they function as intended. Commissioning is a crucial step to verify the overall performance, efficiency, and safety of the upgraded system, marking the completion of the project’s implementation
  • Category

    Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Client

    Kosovo Energy Corporation J.S.C
  • Partner

    Vitkovice Power Engineering A.S.
  • Location

    TPP Kosovo B, Obilic