The successful initiation of the compressor station project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, commissioned for the esteemed Kosovo Energy Corporation.

Financed by USAID, the comprehensive project encompassed the planning, construction, delivery, installation, and commissioning of a crucial compressor station for efficient ash transport from the electro-filters.

Scope of Work:

  • In the initial phase, we diligently engaged in project planning and development. Responding to the client’s request for the compressor station, we focused on supply intricacies, location scouting, specification design, and strategic planning for the station’s computerization
  • The meticulous process involved both demolition and construction works. The selection of the station’s location was a critical aspect, aligning it with the environmental conditions required for optimal compressor performance. This necessitated clearing the chosen area of old structures, paving the way for the construction of new facilities
  • In-house, we meticulously planned and designed the compressor requirements, crafting an engineering blueprint encompassing air needs, channels, power specifications, and instrumentation and control elements for the compressor installation
  • Efficiently delivering on our commitment, we conducted the timely delivery and installation of five compressors, accompanied by five dryers and all essential supporting systems. The goal was to ensure the seamless delivery of 50,000 cubic meters of dry air per hour to the ash transport system

The comprehensive delivery and installation comprised:

  • Delivery and installation of five 10,000 m³/hr compressors, each operating at 1 MW power
  • Delivery and installation of five driers
  • Delivery and installation of switch gears to operate all compressors, driers, and other building support systems
  • Supply and installation of three 20 m³ air reservoirs for pressure regulation and backup
  • Commissioning of the station, along with after-sales services and a warranty period of five years